Brain Injury Services

Community Impact


Community Impact includes activities conducted by brain injury services providers in the areas of Education, Outreach, Public Awareness, and Advocacy that result in the development or enhancement of services for survivors of brain injury. These activities can include the participation of clients and members, as appropriate. Community Impact also includes the assessment, planning, identification and facilitation of activities that help a community to provide specialized services to people with brain injury.

  • Education activities involve conducting or sponsoring presentations, workshops and/or conferences designed to increase knowledge and awareness of brain injury.
  • Outreach activities include the development, maintenance and expansion of support groups and of relationships and collaborations with community partners. Outreach activities also include identifying, developing and referring people to community resources and developing or improving access to online or written information.
  • Public Awareness activities involve developing, conducting, sponsoring or participating in activities that increase the public’s general knowledge of brain injury, such as health fairs, awareness events, and media activities.
  • Advocacy activities involve developing and providing information, training and resources to assist survivors, caregivers and others to become effective self and systems advocates.
All state-funded brain injury services providers are contractually required to provide at least 3 Community Impact activities per quarter. Their Scorecard score indicates whether they have met or not met that goal.