Employment Service Organizations

There are over 85 community rehabilitation programs (CRPs) throughout the state of Virginia who are approved by the Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) to provide an array of employment related services to individuals with disabilities. The organizations, known by DARS as Employment Service Organizations (ESOs), operate primarily for the purpose of providing employment and vocational rehabilitation services to individuals with disabilities. Such services may be provided separately or in combination with other rehabilitation services.

Visit our ESO Interactive Directory to find contact information and more details about Employment Service Organizations.

CARF: The Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission

The Department of Rehabilitative Services is required by Federal and State mandates to establish and monitor standards for Employment Service Organizations providing vocational services to persons with significant disabilities. In September 1998, DARS established that CARF Accreditation/ Standards would be used for Virginia Employment Service Organizations providing vocational services to consumers. For information on CARF - The Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission, visit http://www.carf.org/.

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Employment Services Organization Steering Committee

The ESOSC is an advisory group that is charged with providing the Commissioner of DARS counsel on issues facing DARS, ESOs and consumers. Committee members serve a 3-year term. Representatives of the three advocacy organizations, Virginia Goodwill Network, VA-APSE or vaACCSES, serve at the will of their organizations.

Visit our meetings page to find minutes from the advisory committee's quarterly meetings.

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