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Meeting Minutes

Virginia Brain Injury Council

October 28, 2005
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• Have requested Governor put the BI Waiver in the Executive Budget. If not in his budget, we will introduce amendments in the House and Senate for that funding. Patrons (Cox and Houck) lined up if needed. Delegate Morgan and Senator Houck have agreed to patron 4.5 mil amendment for BI services around Commonwealth (CM, day programs, RRC).

• Other bills we will be interested in will likely include repeal of motorcycle helmet law and Olmstead priority is increasing reimbursement rates.

• At fed level, TBI Act up for re-auth; this bill funded VA’s planning and demonstration grants. BIAA will be informing constituents as to the role they need to play in advocating for the passage of the TBI Act.

• Congressional BI Task Force: This region has highest representation. Cantor, J. Davis, T. Drake and Frank Wolf are not members; need to advocate for them joining.

• BI awareness month will be in spring; BIAA have promised that the materials will be out and in place in the states by beginning of January.

Paul asked about the public awareness campaign with Gov. Warner. Harry reviewed history of project. The Gov’s office has been provided with ideas for PSA; have not heard anything from Gov office. He is busy with Katrina planning, election. May be willing to also do a fundraiser for BIAA, in addition to a PSA.

Paul mentioned possibility of NASCAR drivers doing a PSA. Harry discussed BIAA fundraiser at Michigan track; looking to expand program to 4 tracks next year and VA is a semi-finalist. Will not be a state run event; will be run by BIAA with proceeds helping states and national organization. Will be a NASCAR signature event next year. May need to wait on PSA suggestions until that plays out. Discussed trouble BIAA has had getting a national spokesperson, developing position papers.

Susan: Council can make recommendation to DRS that prevention needs to stay as a primary focus area. Karen suggested utilizing new concussion kits for coaches. VDH/ CVIP has 6 mil grant and will be working with DRS/BIAV to look at this.

Paul will write letter to Commissioner in support of VABISP legislative initiative. Will include support for both waiver and program money.

Paul Blais: Seeking approval from VBIC to contact DAV about disseminating Gary’s helmets. Suggested that Paul contact Gary, as VBIC cannot take action on this matter.

Nominating Committee Report:
Harry provided handout recapping current membership and what actions need to be taken by nominating committee. Helen made a motion: Bylaws amended to reflect that if elected to officer position, the member’s term be extended to length of office. Motion seconded and passed. Harry suggested that we discuss slate in today’s meeting. Page moved that the nominating committee come back after doing their work and present slate of officers via email for election. Stated in bylaws that elections are to occur by October meeting and new officers to take positions at January meeting. Helen questioned if there was value in holding discussion about officer nomination; during the meeting; Paul added he thought there was. Anne clarified that according to Robert’s Rules, the nominating work in done in private committee and the committee is to come to meeting with slate that is voted up or down. Bylaws state that new at large members elected in January; so committee will need to be prepared to do that if appropriate. David Walsh has indicated that he would like to resign; Paul asked Harry to discuss the issue with David personally and discover why he has submitted his resignation.

TBI Act Grant Update:
Patti provided a copy of the TBI ACT grant abstract that is being developed by DRS and BIAV. Less money, can’t provide direct service. Ultimate goal is to strengthen infrastructure and empower advocates. Goals center on data collection, education, outreach, advocacy and capacity building. Grant will build partnerships that focus on facilitating survivor involvement and attendance at conferences, ensuring representation at cross-disability events. Karen asked about logic behind establishing VBIC in Code; Patti commented that it would add legitimacy and sustainability, and perhaps provide some funds for a paid staff person to support the work of the VBIC. Paul asked about the competitiveness of grants; Patti stated it looked very positively. Paul thanked DRS and BIAV for their work on this grant. Money should be available April 1; should find out in January.

Integration of Registry:
Russ Stamm from OEMS trauma registry. On-line data submission and field testing of integrated registry has been completed; all hospitals informed of new procedure and will be expected to comply. Have looked at what’s being reported through trauma registry and BI registry; the numbers are different and DRS and OEMS are looking into why.
Trauma registry does not collect data in those treated in ER and released, only admissions. DRS looking to get ER stats included in integrated registry. To get them to do this will take expanded technical outreach to hospital to ensure compliance. DRS and VDH will be doing MOU to make the integration official. Paul asked about he process for getting non-hospital based facilities to report. Russ reported that that will be addressed but OEMS is holding off for now until the integration of hospital based providers is complete. Part of the problem in based within the hospital relative to internal communication, staff turnover. VOPA has indicated they would be willing to bring suit on behalf of someone who was not reported but should have been; must be balanced with concern relative to potential of hospital lobbyists working to get registry repealed. Susan suggested developing a video about the registry for employee orientation process. Harry suggested that legal action be put on hold until hospitals get used to new reporting requirements and see what we have then. Paul asked Patti to comment on how VA compared to reporting in other states; she stated that every state is different, but many are modeling after MN program, which has always used the trauma registry. Working with EMS field workers to investigate their role in reporting. Paul asked if the presence of an ambulance required at each high school sporting event. Russ was not sure, but said he would report back to VBIC through Patti.

State Action Plan:
Patti provided copies of exiting state action plan. Developed through fed grant in 98 through town meetings and written surveys. Information consolidated, brought back to VBIC. Through 2 facilitated meetings, VBIC identified action plan priorities. In 2005, we have made much progress through Action Plan. Has been a good tool in driving legislative efforts. Under new grant, we will update for 06-10. Have conducted 5 formal town meetings, 2 informal town meetings, hired outside facilitators who provided final report. Confirmed that footprint of CM, RRC, day programs are core services. Recognize that footprint will not meet everyone’s needs. DRS is lead agency and is taking the lead on updating the action plan. Patti invites anyone interested in working on document contact her. Will continue with steering committee (chairs of VBIC, VABISP and CNI, BIAV). Other states action plan usually very concise and targeted. Paul offered to help.

Neurobehavioral Committee Report:
Paul has not been able to schedule second conference call meeting for neurobehavioral committee. Hopes to get at least 2 meetings scheduled before he rota