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Meeting Minutes

Virginia Brain Injury Council

April 23, 2004
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Dumbarton Library
April 23, 2004

Minutes of Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 1:23 pm by Karen Brown, Chair.

Members Present: Laura Taylor, Ann Deaton, Joann Mancuso, Anne McDonnell, Tom Dashiell, Harry Weinstock, Kristie Chamberlain, Paul Aravich, Dane DeMoss, Fran Rooker. Guests: Susan Rudolph, Helen Butler.

Public Comments – No comments to report.

Minutes – One correction was made to the Minutes of the last meeting, and then they were approved.

Brain Injury Budget Amendment: No news to report, as the General Assembly is at an impasse.

CNI Presentation and Development of Paper: Status of community-based support services funded through the CNI Grant Program was reviewed. The CNI Advisory Council has granted an opportunity for one spokesperson, representing the grantees and the Virginia Alliance for Brain Injury Services Providers, to make a presentation on June 25th. Jason Young agreed to represent the group. Anne and Jason will draft a position paper, which Karen Brown will email to all for approval and vote of acceptance. VBIC will then submit a letter of support for the position presented by the Alliance.

Federal Legislative Issues: Anne McDonnell reported that a “Dear Colleague” letter in support of Federal TBI Act issues was being circulated for signature to Congressmen. Robert Demichelis had circulated a request to have each person’s Congressional representative sign. Anne asked that people who require information on how to do this contact her.Harry shared information on the federal Block grant program.


In Patti Goodall’s absence, Anne reported that Tom Dashiell, Fran Rooker, Joann Mancuso, and Paul Aravich have agreed to continue on the Council until next July. There are eight Member Positions open. Names of nominees were solicited, and a slate of seven nominees was submitted to the Council. Anne is pursuing another nominee, for the at large position, and giving consideration to addressing geographic, and racial and ethnic diversity issues. Laura suggested nominees from Southside. Harry requested and received clarification that the two remaining openings for Member Positions will be completed prior to the next meeting. Names of nominees are to be submitted to Anne by June 5th. Voting will be conducted by email for the two remaining Member Positions. The slate was presented to the Council. Paul Blais, Pat Wilkins, Donna Broshek, Wallace Satchell, Nathan Zasler, and Sandy Dyche were duly elected to serve two-year terms beginning at the July meeting; the nomination of one person on the slate was tabled, secondary to concerns raised by one of the members. Orientation for new members will be held one hour prior to the meeting.

Tom Dashiell – the Lynn Fund Golf Classic will be October 7, 2004. BIAV receives 25% of funds raised, and BIAA receives the rest. Tom’s friend’s son is doing a doctoral work on sports related TBI, and would like input as soon as possible for his survey on the internet at URL
Ann Deaton – will be leaving Children’s Hospital, but will be keeping in touch with us
Karen Brown – reminded all about the MCV – BIS, Inc. conference June 24th and 25th
Fran Rooker – reminded all about the “Transcending Brain Injury” conference in Roanoke next weekend
Anne McDonnell – Policy Makers Manual is done. Distribution methods were discussed. Send Anne names of survivors and caregivers who could personally hand this to their own legislators. Staff for Camp Bruce McCoy is needed, especially male attendants. Applications are on the BIAV web site.


The meeting adjourned at 3:48pm.

TO: BIAV staff
FROM: Anne
DATE: 3/31/04
RE: Federal Review

Harry, Patti and I had a phone conference yesterday with Sandy Knutson (our TBITAC Technical Assistance representative) for the purpose of reviewing the TBITAC assessment of our grant progress to date as well as our self-assessment; we both utilized the same tool. We were reviewed relative to the benchmarks that have been established; there are 3 ratings that are made: Basic, Intermediate and Comprehensive. The benchmarks and our ratings are as follows:

4 core component areas:
The Advisory board: Intermediate. We have established operational procedures, meet regularly, have clearly defined responsibilities and committees to build broader involvement, share work and increase the visibility of TBI issues.

State Agency: Intermediate. We have a strong, clearly identified state agency that takes the lead for developing collaborative efforts within state systems, and regular contact with TBITAC.

Needs/Resource Assessment: Comprehensive. It is relevant, and has been used to leverage other funding; it facilitates our ability to develop policy, deliver appropriate services.

Action Plan: Comprehensive. It has engendered interagency buy-in, it is referenced continuously and revised on a regular basis.

Other key benchmarks that they evaluated included:

Policy Development: Comprehensive. We have analyzed data to validate the need for policy development, consulted with policy analysts and legislators, and identified other funding options.

Collaboration and Coalition Building: Comprehensive. We have formalized commitments with collaborating partners.

Coordinated State System of Services: Intermediate. We are developing a plan to create an infrastructure of coordinated care, and have coordinated development of in-service education and training programs to maximize providers’ ability to serve this population.

Program Evaluation: Basic. We recognize the need for a more formal evaluation process and have begun to incorporate feedback mechanisms into a program evaluation process.

Funding Streams: Intermediate. We are utilizing a variety of funding options and identifying appropriate, cost effective and efficient solutions for the provision of care.

Data: Intermediate. We are in the process of refining the registry by working with many partners to coordinate the trauma and SCI registries with the TBI registry to improve reporting accuracy.

Product Development and Review: Intermediate. We have developed user friendly products and utilized TBITAC product review services; we are also developing reports for national dissemination that identify TBI policy issues and methods we have used to address them.

Public Awareness: Comprehensive. Lead agency and BIAV have worked to increase public awareness, provide education and training within existing service delivery systems, promising practices are being incorporated by TBI providers, and service delivery has been improved as a result of training.

I was very pleased with the review, as were Patti and Harry. Sandy had some very nice things to say about our project and our staff, and congratulated us on our many successes, none of which would have been possible without hard work on everyone's part. Although this was a review of the federal grant, our self