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Meeting Minutes

Virginia Brain Injury Council

October 26, 2006
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Meeting Minutes-
October 26, 2006

Members Present:
Paul Aravich, Ph.D. Eastern Virginia Medical School
Karen Brown Brain Injury Services, Inc.
Helen Butler, RN Brain Injury Services of Southwest Virginia
Gary Chiaverotti Family Member
Dane DeMoss Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center
Patti Goodall Virginia Department of Rehabilitative Services
Katherine Lawson Virginia Board for People with Disabilities
Page Melton Family Member, Richmond VA
Anne McDonnell, OTR/L Brain Injury Association of America
Carole Norton, Ph.D. Private Practice
Susan Rudolph, RN The Arc of Greater Prince William
Julie Triplett Virginia Office for Protection & Advocacy
Jason Young Virginia Alliance of Brain Injury Service Providers

Members Absent:
Paul Blais Survivor, Hampton, VA
Donna Broshek, Ph.D. University of Virginia Health Sciences Center
Sandy Dyche Survivor, Richmond, VA
Pat Wilkins Family Member, Harrisonburg, VA
Nadia Webb, Psy.D. Adult & Pediatric Neuropsychology
Nathan Zasler, M.D. Tree of Life Services & Concussion Care Centre of VA
Nancy Bullock, RN Virginia Department of Health
Treven Pickett, Psy.D. McGuire Veterans Administration Medical Center
Gwen Smith, RN, MSN Virginia Department of Education
Paul Sharpe, RN, NREMT-P Virginia Department of Health
Russell Payne Virginia Department of Mental Health, Mental Retardation & Substance Abuse Services

Board Staff:
Kristie Chamberlain Virginia Department of Rehabilitative Services

Meeting Guests:
Amy Armstrong, Ph.D. Virginia Commonwealth University, Department of Rehabilitation Counseling - Retreat Facilitator
Jennifer Clarke Brain Injury Association of Virginia
Commissioner Rothrock Commissioner, Virginia Department of Rehabilitative Services
The Virginia Brain Injury Council meeting was called to order at 1:25 PM.

Public Comment:
There were no public comments offered.

Approval of the Minutes:
Helen Butler made a motion to approve the meeting minutes of the April 28, 2006 meeting as corrected; Karen Brown seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Karen Brown made a motion to approve the meeting minutes of the July 28, 2006 meeting; Anne McDonnell seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


Review of the Morning Retreat:
Dr. Aravich provided a review of the morning’s council Retreat with Dr. Amy Armstrong as the Retreat facilitator. As part of the Commissioner’s charge, the Council reviewed its vision, mission, and purpose:

The vision of the Virginia Brain Injury Council (hereinafter referred to as “Council” or “VBIC”) is that Virginians and their families who experience disability due to brain injury will build a quality of life of their choosing.

The mission of the Virginia Brain Injury Council is to promote accessible, affordable, and appropriate services for Virginians with brain injury and their families by advising the lead state agency for brain injury, the Department of Rehabilitative Services

A. The purpose of the Virginia Brain Injury Council is to advise the Commissioner of the Department of Rehabilitative Services, the lead state agency for brain injury in Virginia, on the needs of Virginians with brain injury and to make recommendations to the Commissioner regarding the development and delivery of brain injury services in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

B. The Council is charged by the Department of Rehabilitative Services to:

i. Provide recommendations to the Commissioner of the Department of Rehabilitative Services on the disbursement of state general funds appropriated for brain injury services, including priorities and criteria for the use of funds;
ii. Serve as the advisory body to Virginia's Federal Traumatic Brain Injury Act grant; and
iii. Carry out other duties and activities related to brain injury as requested or approved by the Commissioner of the Department of Rehabilitative Services.

Commissioner Rothrock also asked that the Council provide him with recommendations regarding the composition of the Council, i.e., how many members, who should serve on Council, etc. Dr. Aravich, Chair appointed a committee to study the issue and prepare a recommendation to the Council for consideration. Dr. Aravich also appointed Karen Brown to chair the “Council Composition Committee” whose members include Page Melton, Susan Rudolph, Ann McDonnell, and Patti Goodall, with Dr. Aravich as ex-officio. The Council Composition Committee will provide an update at the January meeting with a goal of providing final recommendations to the Commissioner by the April meeting.

TBI Grant Update:
Jennifer Clarke, the new Statewide Resource Coordinator for the Brain Injury Association of Virginia (BIAV) reviewed the goals of Virginia’s Federal TBI Act grant with the Council:

Goal One: Data - BIAV is identifying and using data from various sources to provide evidence-based information to guide policy and program decisions. As part of this goal, BIAV is researching the Department of Health’s Annual Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey (BRFSS). There have not been any questions related to brain injury in this survey since Virginia began implementing the Survey in 1989 and this is one of the objectives that BIAV hopes to accomplish for the Department of Health’s 2007 survey.

Goal Two: Advocacy - BIAV is working to providing survivors, caregivers, and other interested parties with the tools to become effective self and systems advocates. BIAV is editing the curriculum for an existing Advocacy Academy, which is a course that trains families and survivors to be better self advocates.

Goal Three: Capacity Building - In many ways, this is the “core” and umbrella goal of the federal project, to maintain and strengthen the infrastructure for Virginia’s brain injury service delivery system. DRS and BIAV are working with Anne Deaton, Ph.D., a neuropsychologist, to revise Virginia’s Brain Injury State Action Plan. DRS has also contracted with the National Association of State Head Injury Administrators (NASHIA) and have invited Susan Vaughn, Director of Public Policy, to address Council on January 26 to discuss other states’ action plans and councils.

Goal Four: Education - BIAV is expanding the range and access to brain injury related educational opportunities for survivors, family members, and professionals. BIAV is working with The McGuire Veterans Administration (VA) Medical Center to establish a resource library on brain injury for veterans and their families as part of this goal.

Goal Five: Outreach - Outreach is defined as increasing knowledge of and access to quality brain injury support, services, and information for all Virginians. This includes working with minority groups, and BIAV is developing contacts with the VCU Spanish Community liaison to discuss adapting their existing resources for the Hispanic community, and also plans to establish a relationship with Native Virginians to assess the need for supports, services, and information among Virginia’s tribes.

Council members recommended that BIAV work wit