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Meeting Minutes

Virginia Brain Injury Council

Virginia Brain Injury Council Meeting Minutes October 23, 2009
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Virginia Brain Injury Council Meeting
Meeting Minutes DRAFT
October 23, 2009

Members Present:

Kelli W. Gary, Ph.D Survivor
Jason Young, MSW Community Futures Foundation
Karen Brown Proxy for Lisa Garver, Brain Injury Services, Inc.
Theresa Ashberry Family Member
Michelle Witt VA Alliance of Brain Injury Service Providers
Jeff Carpenter Survivor
Gerald Showalter Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center
Brian Shenal, PhD Salem Virginia Veterans Administration Center
Jenny Toth Brain Injury Association of America
Scott Bender, PhD University of Virginia
Linda Redmond, Ph.D. Virginia Board for People with Disabilities
Patricia Goodall, Ed.S Virginia Department of Rehabilitative Services
Anne McDonnell, MPA, OTR/L Brain Injury Association of Virginia
Leigh Wion, CRTS High Street Clubhouse
Tori Harding, MBA, MS CCC/SLP Lakeview Healthcare Systems

Members Absent:
Carole Norton, Ph.D. Professional
Mark Salisbury Family member
Terry Miles Survivor
Julie Triplett Virginia Office of Protection and Advocacy
Russell Payne Virginia Department of Dept. of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services
Paul Sharpe, RN, NREMT-P Virginia Department of Health, Office of Emergency Services
Nancy Bullock, RN Virginia Department of Health, Office of Children/ Youth with Special Needs
Alan Towne, MD, MPH Virginia Commonwealth University
Michelle Nichols Defense Veterans Brain Injury Center

Other in Attendance:
Daniela Ghadia, MD Building a Bridge
Kristy Joplin Brain Injury Association of Virginia
Heather Long Brain Injury Association of Virginia
Kristie Chamberlain DRS, Staff to the Council
Martha Meade Virginia Wounded Warrior Program
Jim Gosney, MD
Christine Grauer Virginia Commonwealth University


The Virginia Brain Injury Council meeting was called to order at 1:10 by Kelli W. Gary, Ph.D., Vice Chair. Members and guests introduced themselves.

Approval of Minutes: Minutes of the July 24, 2009 were distributed and reviewed. Three minor grammatical errors were pointed out, Kristie Chamberlain; staff to the Council will make those corrections on July’s meeting minutes. Anne McDonnell made a motion to accept the minutes as amended, Brian Shenal seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Meeting Agenda: Two changes to the agenda were noted. Commissioner Rothrock will not be in attendance at today’s meeting and Kristy Joplin from the Brain Injury Association of Virginia will be giving the TBI grant update. Jenny Toth made a motion to accept the agenda as amended, Teresa Ashberry seconded. The motion passed unanimously

Public Comment:
A public comment period was offered, however, no public comment was given during the Public Comment period.

New Business:

Virginia Alliance of Brain Injury Service Providers Legislative Agenda:
Michelle Witt updated the Council on the Alliance’s legislative Agenda. She stated the Alliance made a motion to support the Brain Injury Association of Virginia’s (BIAV) legislative agenda for the upcoming legislative session. Anne McDonnell stated that BIAV’s legislative agenda will include a request for a legislative study to be done by the Joint Legislative & Audit Review Commission (JLARC) to look at the acute care, crisis, hospital discharge, and nursing home placements for persons with brain injury in Virginia. The Alliance is also current pinning down a date for Brain Injury Awareness Day at the General Assembly. It looks to fall sometime in February 2010.

The Brain Injury Association of Virginia is conducting a training geared towards brain injury providers on the mental health system in Virginia on March 26, 2010 More information will be forth coming.

Linda Redmond from the Virginia Board for People with Disabilities brought up a current workgroup looking at persons with serious mental illness and the criminal justice system in Virginia. The Virginia Mental Health/Criminal Justice consortium is headed by Victoria Cochran of the Department of Behavioral Health and Development Services (DBHDS) and is looking at ways that persons with serious mental illness can be identified and receive appropriate treatment before entering the criminal justice system. Discussion ensued on how persons with brain injury might also fit into this workgroup. Kelli W. Gary, Ph.D. made a motion for Patti Goodall to contact Kathy Hayfield, DRS (who is a part of this workgroup) to get further information on the current jail diversion workgroup and report her findings back to the VBIC. Scott Bender seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Old Business:

Nominations and Elections Committee:
Tori Harding updated the Council on the Nominations and Elections committee work to fill the Officer positions. The Nominations and Elections committee requested nominations for Vice Chair and Secretary positions in August. The committee received a total of 5 nominations for the two positions. Kelli W. Gary, Ph.D. had 3 nominations for the Vice Chair and Jason Young had 2 nominations for Secretary. The slate was formally presented to the Council. Anne McDonnell called the nominations to a vote. The slate passed unanimously.

Federal TBI Act Grant Update:
Patti Goodall and Kristy Joplin provided an update on Virginia’s Federal Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Grant. A written update of the first and second quarter of the first year of grant activities was presented and discussed with Council members. The Department of Rehabilitative Services (DRS) is the lead agency on the grant and a subcontract is held with the Brain Injury Association of Virginia (BIAV) to the carry out many of the grant deliverables. DRS is in the process of hiring a staff person to carry out the grant activities and BIAV has recently hired Kristy Joplin to carry out BIAV’s related grant activities.

State Agency Report Out Day Summary:
Kelli W. Gary, Ph.D. gave an update on the State Agency Report Out Day which was held in July 2009. Eighty individuals registered for the event at the Science Museum of Virginia in Richmond. Of the 80 individuals that registered, about 65 were in attendance that day. Feedback from those who participated was positive. The only negative feedback seemed to be the acoustics of the room. The Council members discussed holding the event annually and due to the feedback on the acoustics, finding an alternate location.

Brain Injury Action Plan 2009-2013 “Executive Summary”:
A summary of The Brain Injury Action Plan was given at the State Agency Report Out Day. The full executive summary is available on the Department of Rehabilitative Services (DRS) Website and the full action plan is still in the process of being completed. The target date for the completion for the full action plan is January 2010. A copy of the executive summary of was distributed to the Council. Additional copies can be requested by contacting Patti Goodall or Kristie Chamberlain at DRS.

Other Old Business:
Kelli W. Gary questioned how we could better synchronize the terms of the Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary. This issue was discussed at the latest by-laws committee and no changes were recommended by the committee.

Changes to Brain Injury Funding Language:
Patti Goodall and Jason Young updated the council on some applicable changes that were made by the Department of Rehabilitative Services (DRS) Commissioner Jim Rothrock to clear up outdated language concerning funding in the Virginia’s code for brain injury. The Commissioner