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Meeting Minutes

Virginia Brain Injury Council

Virginia Brain Injury Council January 2015 FINAL
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VIRGINIA BRAIN INJURY COUNCIL MEETING MINUTES Friday, January 23, 2015  1-4:00 p.m. Members Present: Mark Bender, PhD Tree of Life, Neuropsychologist Gayl Brunk Valley Associates for Independent Living Susan Elmore Dept of Behavioral Health & Developmental Svcs Lorraine Enright Family Member (Yorktown) Kimberly Hemphill, PhD., RN VCU Health System Deborah Johnson Dept of Education Katherine Lawson Virginia Board for People with Disabilities Cynthia O’Donoghue, Ph.D. (Vice-Chair) James Madison University Jodi Power, RN, JD (Secretary) Dept of Health Professions - Board of Nursing Mark Salisbury (Immediate Past-Chair) Family Member (Yorktown) Barbara Seymour Dept of Medical Assistance Services Brian Shenal, PhD (Chair) Salem Veterans Administration Medical Center Krystal Thompson VA Alliance of Brain Injury Services Providers Members Absent: Charlotte Arbogast DARS Dementia Services Coordinator Heather Funkhouser Board Dept of Health / Injury Prevention Lisa Bradford, LCSW Salem Veterans Administration Medical Center John Butrick Denbigh House (clubhouse member / survivor) Patricia Goodall Dept for Aging and Rehabilitative Services John Heath DARS Federal TBI Grant (Family Ombudsman) Jocelyn Johnson Survivor (Ashburn) Amy Marschean Alzheimer’s Disease & Related Disorders Comm Anne McDonnell Brain Injury Association of Virginia Brian Pearce Survivor (Richmond) Lynn Seward Alzheimer’s Disease & Related Disorders Comm Paul Sharpe, RN Dept of Health / Statewide Trauma Registry Camilla Schwoebel Virginia Wounded Warrior Program Julie Triplett disAbility Law Center of Virginia Others in Attendance: Karen Brown Brain Injury Services, Inc. Donna Cantrell Dept for Aging and Rehabilitative Services Mary Margaret Cash Dept for Aging and Rehabilitative Services Debra Holloway Brain Injury Association of Virginia Sheela Nimishikavi Brain Injury Association of Virginia Cara Meixner James Madison University Laurie Silva Neurorestorative, Inc. Leigh Wion Virginia Neurocare Foundation, Inc. Jason Young Community Brain Injury Services, Inc. OPENING PROTOCOL: Brian Shenal, Ph.D., Chair Brian Shenal, Chair, called the quarterly meeting of the Virginia Brain Injury Council to order at 1:03 p.m. The meeting was held in Conference Room 103/105 at the Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services, 8004 Franklin Farms Drive, Henrico, Virginia 23229. Dr. Shenal asked all members and guests in attendance to introduce themselves. Approval of the January 23, 2015 Meeting Agenda The agenda for the January 23, 2015 meeting was approved without objection. Approval of October 24, 2014 Meeting Minutes With corrections made to those in attendance (Deborah Johnson, Lisa Bradford on page 1) and an edit in the spelling of John Heath’s last name (on page 4), the October 24, 2014 meeting minutes were approved with the cited changes without objection. Public Comment Period There was no Public Comment. REMARKS from DARS COMMISSIONER: Commissioner James Rothrock was involved in business related to the General Assembly legislative session and was not present at the Council meeting to provide remarks. NEW BUSINESS: Federal Grant Update in Brief: • Donna Cantrell shared the following information with Council members regarding the Federal Grant: The work plan and budget were revised late last fall, and the revisions were approved. DARS staff participated in the Quarterly HRSA Monitoring Call on December 12th and submitted its Quarterly Performance Report, which is available upon request. Next progress report is due in March 2015. • Debra Holloway (BIAV) reported that the Annual Conference hosted by the BIAV will be held on Saturday, March 21, 2015 at The Westin Richmond, in Richmond, Virginia and is titled, Opening Doors: Communities, Partnerships, and Opportunities. The one-day event provides professionals, survivors, and family members/caregivers an opportunity to learn about current issues and resources for those involved with the brain injury community. Deadline for registration is February 27, 2015. Brain Injury Services Request for Proposal (RFP) Update: DARS Program Specialist, Donna Cantrell, shared the following information with Council members: • The Request For Proposals (RFP) for statewide brain injury services that was issued in October 2014 was rescinded because DARS General Services Administration had to substantially amend the RFP with new contract language and corrections. • On January 15, 2015, DARS released a new Request For Proposals to solicit sealed proposals to establish contracts with DARS to provide one of the three core services in designated areas of the Commonwealth: brain injury case management, brain injury clubhouse/day program, and brain injury resource coordination (statewide). • An optional pre-proposal conference will be held February 3, 2015 from 10:30am – 12:00pm at DARS’ Virginia Division for Aging (1610 Forest Avenue, Suite 100, Henrico VA, 23229) to allow offerors the opportunity to ask questions, obtain clarification on the solicitation. • Proposals are due on Friday, March 13, 2015. Meanwhile, current state contracts with the 10 organizations (operating 13 programs) for brain injury services in Virginia have been extended through June 30, 2015. The new RFP contract will be effective on July 1, 2015. Legislative Agenda Update Krystal Thompson, Chair of the Virginia Alliance of Brain Injury Service Providers provided the following update: • Brain Injury Awareness Day at the General Assembly will be Wednesday, February 4, 2015. Participation is strongly encouraged. • In terms of the General Assembly, budget amendments are being introduced to restore the DARS cuts to FY 2015 (5% cut that resulted in $427,000 in reductions) and to add new funding for FY 2016. Advocates have also requested that brain injury be included in the universal Waiver redesign. $2.25 million is requested to address waiting list for unserved and underserved areas, as well as to expand brain injury services. The budget is presented to the Finance Committee on February 2, 2015. • Several members discussed concerns about a possible transfer of brain injury services to a different state agency, i.e., Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS). It was noted that although there are often parallel services offered by DARS and DBHDS, and they often coordinate services / technical assistance on mutual cases, there are multiple other issues to consider. Provider stakeholders confirmed that there are ongoing discussions regarding the most appropriate home for brain injury services in Virginia, and that they want to be at the table for all of the discussions. Appointment of Bylaws Committee Jodi Power, Chair of the Bylaws Committee, reported that the 2014 Bylaws Committee’s revision work that started in February 2014 was just recently voted on and finalized in December 2014. In light of this, it was suggested that an appointment of a Bylaws Committee for 2015 was unnecessary at this time and be tabled. Dr. Cynthia O’Donoghue moved to table the appointment of a Bylaws Committee for 2015. The motion was seconded by Mark Salisbury, and passed unanimously. Appointment of Priorities Committee Dr. Brian Shenal reviewed the scope of work for the Priorities Committee, indicating that their work should be completed prior to the July 2015 meeting. The Committee will prepare the Annual Priorities Letter to be sent from the Council to Commissioner Rothrock regarding recommended priorities in brain injury services for the upcoming state fiscal year. Dr. Shenal called for nominations, and reminded members that each committee must have one survivor or family member included. The following members volunteered to serve on the Priorities Committee: Susan Elmore, Barbara Seymour, Krystal Thompson, and Lorraine Enright. In her absence, Anne McDonnell was nominated to serve and to chair the Committee, noting she had served as this Committee Chair in the previous year. Jodi Power moved that Susan Elmore, Barbara Seymour, Krystal Thompson, Lorraine Enright and Anne McDonnell be appointed to serve on the 2015 Priorities Committee, with Anne McDonnell as Chair. Mark Salisbury seconded the motion; it passed unanimously. Appointment of Funds Dissemination Committee Dr. Brian Shenal called for nominations for the Funds Dissemination Committee, which advises DARS Commissioner on new funding for brain injury services in Virginia. It was pointed out that this Committee work is minimal, noting that it should only involve a conference call or two and review of the final document, and should be done prior to April 24th meeting. The Funds Dissemination Committee must have a survivor or family member included. The following members volunteered to serve on the Funds Dissemination Committee: Gayl Brunk (volunteered to be Chair at a later date), Mark Bender, Brian Shenal, and Mark Salisbury. Brian Pearce was also nominated to serve as a survivor on the Committee, in absentia. Jodi Power moved that Krystal Thompson, Gayl Brunk, Mark Bender, Brian Shenal, Mark Salisbury and Brian Pearce be appointed to serve on the 2015 Funds Dissemination Committee, with Krystal Thompson as Chair. Krystal Thompson seconded the motion; it carried unanimously. Discussion of Educational Topics Dr. Shenal indicated that the April meeting typically includes a presentation on an educational topic. He solicited suggestions for topics from the Council members. The following suggestions were made: 1) Another update from Portia Cole, M.D. on the progress of the Joint Commission on Health Care’s study on access to brain injury services in Virginia. 2) Telehealth issues. 3) Assistive Technology – to be presented by Melissa Oliver, Occupational Therapist with the Veterans Administration. 4) Clubhouses in Virginia. However concern was expressed regarding this possibly being perceived as a conflict of interest given the timing of the RFP responses and process; thus it was suggested that Clubhouse presence with posters/tables at Brain Injury Report Out Day in July 2015 occur instead. 5) Neurobehavioral issues and the distinction between mental health and brain injury related behavioral issues. However, it was noted by DARS staff that neurobehavioral issues will be the focus at Brain Injury Report Out Day. The Council requested that Assistive Technology be the educational topic at the quarterly April 2015 meeting, and that the Joint Commission on Health Care progress update be provided later in the year, to keep it at the forefront and on our radar. Discussion of July 2015 Report Out Day Conference Donna Cantrell and Dr. Brian Shenal talked about the upcoming biennial Brain Injury Report Out Day, which is planned for Friday, July 24th at The Place at Innsbrook in Glen Allen. The event is hosted by the Virginia Brain Injury Council and is also an activity of DARS’ Federal TBI Grant. The one-day event summarizes the state of brain injury in the Commonwealth, including updates from state agencies. The focus topic this year is neurobehavioral aspects of brain injury. It has been suggested that Senator Creigh Deeds be a possible presenter or award recipient at this event, given his personal/family experience and work regarding mental health for Virginians. Dr. Shenal reminded Council members that two awards are typically given for champions of brain injury services, and members should be thinking about who to nominate and send suggestions to DARS staff member, Patti Goodall. Neurobehavioral Services Project Update Dr. Cynthia O’Donoghue and Dr. Cara Meixner of James Madison University (JMU) presented on “Access to Neurobehavioral Services in Virginia.” JMU received a CNI Trust Fund grant to report on the scope of the problem and need for neurobehavioral services in Virginia, including a description of available resources, identification of service gaps, and recommendations for service development, policy decisions and funding. They indicated a literature review was done to begin to define “neurobehavioral” which refers to the way the brain affects emotion, behavior, or learning, The neurobehavioral effects from acquired brain injury vary among individuals, but persistent issues with employment, institutionalization and a need for financial assistance often result. They reviewed cluster behaviors with cognitive, behavioral, psychological and physical attributes. They have interviewed seven other states thus far to identify best practices for approaches to neurobehavioral services (i.e., funding and facilities), noting a large range of services and resources from state to state. Plans are to finish analyzing the qualitative and quantitative data, conduct focused interviews in Virginia, ascertain data on costs and funding mechanisms, and propose policy recommendations to improve access to neurobehavioral services in Virginia. Dr. O’Donoughue and Dr. Meixner encouraged Council members to contact them with questions and feedback at the meeting or on an individual basis. UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Presentation of Certificates In Commissioner Rothrock’s absence, Dr. Brian Shenal acknowledged and thanked Council members John Butrick and Jocelyn Johnson for their three years of service on the Virginia Brain Injury Council. Neither was present to accept the certificate of service, which will be mailed. Dr. Shenal then acknowledged and thanked Mark Salisbury who was in attendance, presenting him with a certificate honoring his seven years of dedicated service on Council, including two years as Chair and two years as Immediate Past Chair. Nominations and Elections Committee As Chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee, Dr. Cynthia O’Donoghue presented the slate of candidates for the officer positions of Secretary (one-year term) and Chair (two-year term). The slate included the nomination of Mark Bender as Secretary and Jodi Power as Chair. Dr. Brian Shenal called for a motion to accept the slate of officers, after no nominations were made from the floor. Mark Salisbury moved to accept the slate of officers for Mark Bender in the position of Secretary and Jodi Power in the position of Chair. The motion was seconded by Lorraine Enright; it passed unanimously. Dr. Shenal noted that these officers are considered installed and assume their positions at this time during the January 2015 meeting. On behalf of the Nominations and Elections Committee, Dr. Cynthia O’Donoghue then presented the slate of candidates for two at-large member positions, both in the targeted vacancies of survivor/family member/caregiver, with one required to be a survivor. The slate included two nominations for the survivor position (Anthony “Tony” Schaffer – veteran, with Northern Virginia Fall Prevention Coalition; and Timothy Scovill - staff and former member of High Street Clubhouse in Dillwyn/Charlottesville area), and two nominations for the survivor/family member/caregiver position (Cara Meixner, Ph.D. - family member and former caregiver for sister with TBI, credentialed in counseling, and working on JMU project regarding access to neurobehavioral services in Virginia, Maheysville; and Frankie Brewster -family member and caregiver for son, and volunteer at High Street Clubhouse who is interested in advocacy, Lovingston). Dr. Brian Shenal moved to accept the above slate for the open at-large member positions to forward to Commissioner Rothrock for his consideration and appointment to serve three-year terms on the Virginia Brain Injury Council. The motion was seconded by Dr. Mark Bender; it passed unanimously. Commissioner Rothrock will consider the recommendations and make appointments by April 1st. CLOSING PROTOCOL Jodi Power noted the remaining 2015 quarterly meetings of the Council (meetings are typically held on Fridays from 1-4:00 p.m. unless noted otherwise): • April 24, 2015, 1-4:00 p.m. at DARS Central Office, Henrico, Virginia (this meeting includes New Member Orientation at 11:00 a.m., just prior to regular business meeting) • July 24, 2015, no regular business meeting due to scheduling the Council’s biennial Brain Injury Report Out Day, 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. at The Place at Innsbrook, Glen Allen; and • October 23, 2015, 12 noon to 3:00 p.m. (typically held at DARS’ Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center, Fishersville) The meeting was adjourned at 2:25 p.m.