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Meeting Minutes

Virginia Brain Injury Council

Virginia Brain Injury Council April 2016 Minutes FINAL
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Friday, April 22, 2016  1-4:00 p.m.
Members Present:
Jodi Power, RN, JD (Chair) Dept of Health Professions - Board of Nursing
Lisa Bradford, LCSW (Vice Chair) Salem Veterans Administration Medical Center
Mark C. Bender, PhD (Secretary) Tree of Life, Rehabilitation Neuropsychologist
John Heath DARS Federal TBI Grant (Family Ombudsman)
Deborah Johnson Dept of Education
Barbara Seymour Dept of Medical Assistance Services
Brandi Jancaitis Virginia Veteran and Family Support
Anne McDonnell Brain Injury Association of Virginia
Tony Schaffer Schaffer Construction, Survivor
Frankie Brewster UVA Medical Center, Family Member
Devin Bowers DARS Dementia Services Coordinator
Patricia Goodall Dept for Aging and Rehabilitative Services
Mark Murphy VA Department of Juvenile Justice
Maria Stransky VA Department of Corrections
Thomas Campbell, PhD McGuire VA Medical Center
Laurie Silva NeuroRestorative
Krystal Thompson Virginia. Alliance of Brain Injury Service Providers

Members Absent:
Brian Shenal (Immediate Past Chair) Salem Veterans Administration Medical Center
Heather Funkhouser Board Dept of Health / Injury Prevention
Brian Pearce Survivor (Richmond)
Lynn Seward Alzheimer’s Disease & Related Disorders Commission
Gayl Brunk Valley Association for Independent Living

Others in Attendance:
Michelle Chesser Joint Commission on Health Care
Paula Margolis Joint Commission on Health Care
Betty Anne Liddell Virginia Department of Veterans Affairs
Rachel Evans No Limits Eastern Shore
Karen Brown Brain Injury Services, Inc.
Leigh Wion The BridgeLine
Jason Young Community Brain Injury Services
Donna Cantrell Dept for Aging and Rehabilitative Services
Jason Harper RSVP Inc
Ivan Velickovic NeuroRestorative
Van Luethke Center for Neurorehabilitative Services
Mike Drewery General Public
Christine Grauer Virginia Commonwealth University

Jodi Power, Chair, called the quarterly meeting of the Virginia Brain Injury Council to order at 1:07 p.m. The meeting was held in Conference Room 103/105 at the Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services (DARS), 8004 Franklin Farms Drive, Henrico, Virginia 23229. Ms. Power asked all members and guests in attendance to introduce themselves. New VBIC members who were present included Thomas Campbell, Ph.D. from McGuire VA Hospital, and Laurie Silva from Neurorestorative in Blacksburg.

Approval of the February 26, 2016 Meeting Minutes
The minutes from the February 26, 2016 meeting minutes were identified as in need of correction, specifically the corrections included:
• remove Concussion Care Centre from Mark Bender’s affiliation
• change Barbara Seymour's certifications from RN to BSW
• add DMAS on p. 2 to the section in the second to last bullet point
• on P. 5, under New Business, change "3-4" to "3-5" members

The February 26, 2016 VBIC meeting minutes were meeting were approved pending the aforementioned corrections

The agenda for the April 22, 2016 meeting was approved without objection.

Public Comment Period
Mike Drewry, brain injury survivor, addressed the committee to seek public support of “hands free driving” legislation, House Bill 461. Mr. Drewry shared how his injury was caused by a distracted driver who was using his cell phone at the time of the accident. The accident resulted in Mr. Drewry's brain injury and the death of his mother. He reported that the Bill did not pass this year but requested support from the committee is supporting its passage in future sessions. He noted that Delegate Rich Anderson sponsored the bill.

Ms. Power noted that orientation for newly appointed members of the Virginia Brain Injury Council occurred just prior to today's meeting. Two new members have been appointed to the council by the Commissioner of the Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services and were present at the formal Orientation: Tom Campbell (At-Large member), Laurie Silva (At-Large member).

Two other appointees were unable to attend the April meeting: Cara Meixner, Ph.D. (Survivor/Family Member Appointment), and Shasmin Asbury (Commissioner's Designee Appointment). Both Dr. Meixner and Ms. Asbury will be invited to attend a New Member Orientation prior to the July 22, 2016 Quarterly Meeting. Newly designated state agency representatives (John Cimino from the Virginia Board for People with Disabilities and Betty Ann Liddell from the Department for Veterans Services) will also be invited to attend.


DARS Brain Injury Services Unit Update:
Patti Goodall, Program Director of Brain Injury Services Unit (BISU), reported that there are two upcoming retreats sponsored by DARS: one for Executive Directors / Administrators from the state-funded Brain Injury Services (BIS) Programs, and one for Direct Services staff (case managers, clubhouse staff, etc.). The retreats are scheduled May 16th and 17th and are deliverables DARS’ Federal TBI Act Grant. In addition, in June there will be a two-day, person-centered training sponsored by DARS in collaboration with the Partnership for People with Disabilities (the training will be available to all BIS staff).

A Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) has been finalized with the University of Virginia to implement a 3-year, Brain Injury Screening project. This Commonwealth Neurotrauma Initiative (CNI) Trust Fund project serves as the required State cash match for the Federal TBI Act Grant. Principal Investigators, Doctors Donna Broshek and Jeffrey Barth, will update the Council at least quarterly on their progress via written updates, as well as periodic presentations. At-Large Council Member Tony Schaffer requested to see the MOA; it will be sent to him electronically following the meeting.

The Program Specialist position that provides staffing for the Commonwealth Neurotrauma Initiative Trust Fund Advisory Board has been posted and 57 applications were received. DARS staff are screening the applications to identify who will be invited to interview for the position. It is anticipated that interviews will occur within the month and hopefully the position will be filled before July 1st.

DARS regularly keeps records of and reports on the number of pro-bono (“in kind” or “volunteer”) donated by Council members and the value of those hours. This is done using a standardized formula guided by the Federal government. Individuals who serve on Council as part of their official professional roles are not doing pro-bono work. Donna is collecting forms and data from the members of the Virginia Brain Injury Council who are serving in a volunteer capacity and will report on the findings at an upcoming quarterly meeting.

DARS has changed many of its fiscal systems in the past year and it is now imperative that any Council member who would ever potentially receive payment from DARS in any capacity (including travel expense reimbursement) must complete and submit a signed W-9 to Donna Cantrell as soon as possible.

Virginia Brain Injury Alliance of Brain Injury Service Providers and the Brain Injury Association of Virginia (BIAV) Updates:
As reported by Krystal Thompson, the meeting of the Alliance primarily reviewed the previous year's Funds Dissemination committee's recommendations. The meeting resulted in input as to how to spend available monies. This recommendation included using $75,000 to elevate two part-time case managers in Lynchburg and Winchester to full-time employees; use $150,000 to current providers to address wait lists and enhance auxiliary services (other than case management, clubhouse/day program, or information and referral). The remaining $150,000 was recommended to be disseminated via Request For Proposals (RFP) to fund critically needed services in unserved / underserved areas of the state

Anne McDonnell reported that Delegate Keen’s Bill passed, which will fix loop holes in the Student Athlete Concussion Act. Now, any child who sustains a concussion, is eligible to access the return-to-learn protocol services whether or not the injury was sustained during sports-related activity.

The Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS) was asked to form and lead an interagency work group to address the challenges of sharing data on Virginians with brain injury served by each agency.

Bylaws Committee Report:
As Chair, Council Secretary Mark Bender reported that the Bylaws Committee met and recommended a few revisions. Specifically, the committee considered whether the Family Ombudsman position should have term limits and whether one of the Council positions should be specifically designated for an athletic trainer.

The proposed Bylaws were available for review. Changes to the Bylaws included adding the Family Ombudsman position as a permanent / standing member of the Council. The committee also felt that the Ombudsman position should have term limits similar to those of the Commissioner Designee position: 3 years initial term, but eligible to serve two consecutive terms.

With regard to designating a Council member who is an athletic trainer, it was decided that there is already leeway in the Nominations and Elections process to recruit individuals with this expertise (i.e., athletic trainers are regulated and licensed by the Department for Health Professions and the Bylaws already stipulate that two At-Large Members be from that population).

Additional miscellaneous and semantic changes were made for clarity/consistency.

Frankie Brewster motioned to pass the Bylaws Committee recommendations with the edits made.
Lisa Bradford seconded the motion, and the motion passed.

While the changes to the Bylaws passed, there was a question about how those changes would affect the sitting Family Ombudsman. It was noted that John Heath currently serves as the Council’s Family Ombudsman and has been in the position for longer than three years. It was recommended that a notice be sent out asking if there are other family members of a brain injury survivor who would be interested in serving in the Ombudsman position.

Funds Dissemination Committee:
In the absence of the Gayl Brunk, who served as Chair of the Funds Dissemination Committee, committee member Anne McDonnell reported that the committee met and used the previous year’s Funds Dissemination letter, as well as the previous year’s Priorities Letter to guide the discussion for the current year. The letter from the Funds Dissemination Committee was reviewed and a motion to pass as written was made by Frankie Brewster and seconded by Lisa Bradford. Two members abstained from voting due to a conflict of interest and the remaining members voted on the motion. The motion did not pass.

The committee discussed changes that should be made to the letter. These changes included the following:
1. Change the wording of the italicized sections of the first paragraph to reflect present tense; specifically, change the word considered to consider and the word approved to approve.
2. Remove #1 as it was deemed unnecessary because contracts are currently funded through 2018.
3. Change the names of the committee members to reflect the current members of the committee.
4. Alter #1 addressing the additional $375,000 to reflect that $150,000 be allocated for a Request For Proposals (RFP) and the remaining $150,000 be disseminated among existing providers to address wait lists, and to expand core safety net services in unserved and underserved areas of the Commonwealth.

Mark Bender motioned to accept the Funds Dissemination Committee’s letter with the aforementioned edits. Lisa Bradford seconded the motion. The motion passed with two members abstaining.

Priorities Committee Report:
John Heath reported that a meeting was scheduled for the Priorities Committee and was cancelled due to an unforeseen emergency. A follow up meeting will occur in the near future. Mr. Heath asked that Council members review the 2015 Priorities Committee letter, which was distributed, and send input to him via email.

Tony Schaffer asked whether the letter could reflect efforts to enhance brain injury data collection efforts and enhance the means of obtaining increased accuracy of information. Mr. Schaffer was asked to provide this input to the Priorities Committee for consideration at their upcoming meeting.

Educational Presentation
Mark Peterson, Richard Kriner, and Amanda Habel provided presentations on DARS’ Vocational Rehabilitation Services (Mark); and Richard Kriner and Amanda Habel presented on Therapeutic Behavioral Services. Handouts were provided for both presentations.

Jodi Power noted the remaining 2016 quarterly meetings of the Council (meetings are typically held on Fridays from 1-4:00 p.m. unless noted otherwise):

• July 22, 2016, is to be held at DARS Central Office, Henrico, Virginia
• October 21, 2016, is to be held at DARS’ Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center, Fishersville, VA. This meeting will be held from 12-3:00.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:55 p.m.