Welcome to Virginia's Blueprint for Livable Communities!

As the “Commonwealth of Opportunity”, Virginia strives to be a place where all people are able to experience the dignity of decision-making in their own lives; to have a chance to engage meaningfully in social and civic activities; to participate in the economic mainstream; and to live well while challenging themselves to learn and grow through new experiences.

In efforts to support the changes urgently needed to secure all Virginians the opportunity to live and age optimally in their community, a “Blueprint” for Livable Communities was created to offer diverse and useful best practices to assist communities across the Commonwealth of Virginia in developing livable communities. The intent of this information is to spur creativity by sharing the current innovative actions of Virginians improving their communities’ livability.

Join Us!

  Livable Communities Training Workshops

Join us as we assist four Virginia communities to develop a livable community for all ages plan! The workshops are led by AARP, DARS, and Just Partners Inc. and are aimed to guide participants through the phases of creating a livable community plan. The purpose is to promote the participants’ understanding of the characteristics of a livable community. This workshop will enhance their ability to assess comprehensively a community’s needs, identify essential planning participants, support their capacity to create a coalition and engage leaders responsible for spearheading development of a plan.

For more information please contact Lisette Carbajal at Lisette.Carbajal@dars.virginia.gov